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Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, September 19, 2023, 9:00 AM

Town Hall Meeting Room, Second Floor

208 Sanford Road, Wells




September 6, 2023 draft meeting minutes




12 Vera Lane

Jason and Lee Talevi, owners; Bud Angst, applicant/agent. Site Plan Application for a Standard Restaurant use within a two-family dwelling unit and 1,196 SF Business Office use within an existing vacant structure. No changes proposed to two other existing single family dwelling units or their accessory garages and shed. The property is located off 12 Vera Lane and falls within the General Business and 250’ Shoreland Overlay Districts. Tax map 117, Lot 51. Workshop compliance and Findings of Fact & Decisions for possible approval


Wells Transfer Station

Town of Wells, owner; Pine Tree Wast, Inc, applicant; St. Germain, agent. Site Plan Amendment Application seeking approval to add a restroom trailer with generator, diesel fuel tank enlargement, add trailer staging area, relocate parking spaces, and add two 240 containers. The property is considered a Municipal Facility use.  The property is located at 386 Willie Hill Road and is within the Light Industrial District. Tax Map 41, Lot 1-EXE. Receive Site Plan Amendment Application and workshop completeness