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Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, August 9, 2022, 9:00 AM

Town Hall Meeting Room, Second Floor

208 Sanford Road, Wells




June 28, 2022 draft meeting minutes




Storage Depot

Grahaneli Realty, LLC, owner/applicant. Attar Engineering Inc, agent. Site Plan Application to construct four 7,200 SF Self-Storage Facility one-story buildings (28,800 SF total) and maintain the existing building uses which include Business Contractor/ Wholesale/ Manufacturing/ Warehousing. The parcel area to be 5.6 acres. The property is located off Willie Hill Road and is within the Light Industrial District. Tax Map 41, Lots 11-1A, 11-1B and 11-2 to become Lot 11-1B. Comment on Site Plan Application for the Planning Board


The Timbers Subdivision (fka RT Property Holdings)

RT Property Holdings, LLC, owner; Patrick Johnson, applicant/ agent. Preliminary Subdivision Application for an 2 lot subdivision of 10.6 acres of land. Lot 1 to consist of one single family dwelling. Lot 2 to consist of three 3-unit multifamily dwellings, open space and private roadway (Multifamily Development). The property is located within the Residential A District and is located off Sanford Road near the Bragdon Road intersection. Tax Map 55, portion of Lot 13-EXE and Lot 14-EXE. Comment on Preliminary Subdivision Application for the Planning Board