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Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, June 28, 2022, 9:00 AM

Town Hall Meeting Room, Second Floor

208 Sanford Road, Wells




June 1, 2022 draft meeting minutes


June 14, 2022 draft meeting minutes




Perkins Pasture Subdivision (formerly Goldmark)

Goldmark LLC, owner/applicant; Jacques Gagnon of Oak Point Associates, agent. Subdivision Pre-Application for a 17 lot/dwelling unit residential cluster development on 47.7 acres of land. Property is located off Quarry Road and Minuteman Drive within the Rural District. Tax Map 37, Lot 2D. Comment on preliminary subdivision for Planning Board


Burnt Mill Estates Subdivision

Burnt Mill Holding Company, LLC, owner; Sebago Technics, Inc., applicant/engineer. Preliminary Subdivision Application to redesign the major subdivision. A total of 36 residential cluster lots to remain as approved/developed: Lots 1-22, 55-57, 95-103 and Lot 62 to remain off Hobbs Farm Road, Little Meadow Court and Faxon Drive; and Lot 32 to remain as approved off Parsonage Way. Lots 23 -25 to be enlarged off of James Street. Lot 54 to remain a Multifamily Development but to consist of 10 single family dwelling units, not 20 units.  16 residential cluster lots/dwelling units are proposed off Storer Lane; 5 residential cluster lots/dwelling units are proposed off Hobbs Farm Road; and 104 dwelling units are proposed as a Multifamily Development on the south side of Hobbs Farm Road. The development to remain with a total of 174 dwelling units on 374.94 acres of land. The north side of the Hobbs Farm Road/ Storer Lane will become Open Space. The property is within the Rural and 75’ Shoreland Overlay Districts. Tax Map 62A, Lots 1-1 to 1-25, 1-32, 1-34 to 1-61, 1-63 to 1-94 and Tax Map 63, Lots 7-62 and 7-95 to 7-103 Comment on preliminary subdivision for Planning Board