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Meeting Agenda
Monday, June 26, 2023, 7:00 PM
Littlefield Meeting Room, Town Hall
208 Sanford Road






June 5, 2023 draft meeting minutes






Bragdon Meadows Subdivision

Home Innovations, Inc. owner; Big Ledge, LLC applicant. Subdivision Pre-Application for an 11 lot/dwelling unit Residential Cluster Development on 24.97 acres with Open Space. Subdivision is located off Bragdon Road and is within the Rural and 75’ Shoreland Overlay District. Tax Map 30, Lot 16. Report site walk results


Martinez Zoning District Boundary Change Amendment

Greg Martinez/ Manuel Martinez Real Estate Trust, applicant. Request to change the zoning district boundaries of Lots 2-A, 3-A and 3-B on Map 120 from Residential A (RA) to General Business (GB), which is the current abutting district per 145-6 of the Land Use Code. Make recommendations for the Select Board


YCCC Zoning District Boundary Change & Land Use Text Change Amendments

Maine Community College System, applicant. Seeking to amend chapter 145 to allow dormitory housing for YCCC students as well as for seasonal workforce housing and the amend the Zoning Map to create a College zone for Map 43, Lot 3-A-EXE.  The property is currently zoned Rural and Residential A. Review Zoning District Boundary and Land Use Text Change Applications and determine a public hearing


The Woods

Walter Wormwood, owner; Home Innovations, LLC, applicant; Dana Libby, agent. Minor Subdivision Application for two lots/ single family dwellings. The property is located off Bragdon Road within the Rural District. Tax Map 30, Lot 17-2 and 17-5. Workshop compliance and Findings of Fact & Decisions for possible approval


Springer Subdivision

Helen Springer Revocable Real Estate Trust, owner; Preston Gowen/ Timothy Gowen, applicant; Frank Emery, surveyor. Minor Subdivision Application seeking approval of 1 lot/dwelling unit. The property is located within the Rural District and is located off Perry Oliver Road. Tax Map 37, Lot 1G. Receive Minor Subdivision Application, determine if a site walk is necessary, workshop completeness, determine if a public hearing is to be scheduled, and workshop draft compliance


The Beaches

Australis, LLC, owner; Alex Fabish, applicant. Site Plan Application for an existing, grandfathered Motel (Lodging Facility) with 17 motel units and 1 dwelling unit seeking after the fact approval for changes that occurred on the property without site plan approval including lot coverage additions, changes to landscaping and buffer/setbacks. The property is located off 773 Post Road. The property is located within the General Business District and is identified as Tax map 117, Lot 53. Workshop completeness and consider scheduling a public hearing


Rolling Woods Preserve Subdivision

Jackson Drysdale & Associates, LLC, owner/applicant; Sebago Technics, engineer. Final Subdivision Application for a 17 lot/dwelling unit Residential Cluster major subdivision with private roadway and Open Space to be developed on 23.38 acres of land. The property is located within the Residential A and Rural Districts. The property is located off Sanford Road and is identified as Tax Map 67, Lot 3. Receive Final Subdivision Application and workshop completeness


Littlefield Landing

Robert Kammerer, Rose Anna Racanielle, and Robert Duffy, owners; Big Ledge, LLC, applicant; Sebago Technics, engineer. Preliminary Subdivision Application for a 5 lot/ single family dwelling major subdivision with private right-of-way on 5.7 acres of land. The property is located in the Residential A District and is off 941 Littlefield Road. Tax Map 25, Lot 31-A. Receive Preliminary Subdivision Application and workshop completeness