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Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 9:00 AM

Town Hall Meeting Room, Second Floor

208 Sanford Road, Wells




February 28, 2023 draft meeting minutes


April 25, 2023 draft meeting minutes




Seaglass Village

Seaglass Village Condominium Association, owner/applicant; John Connors, agent. Site Plan Amendment Application to remove a 14’ x 28’ area for future structure to the west of the pool and locate a new 14” x 20’ structure to the south of the pool house/ office building. The amendment must also address a stone patio/fire pit constructed west of the pool area and a walkway to the office building. No change to the 179 seasonal cottage units or 24 hotel/motel units on the property. The property is located off 1 Old County Road and is within the General Business, Rural and 75’ Shoreland Overlay Districts. Tax Map 19, Lot 31. Workshop compliance and Findings of Fact & Decisions for possible approval


Marina Cleaning Services

Marina DeMarco, owner; Michael Demmons, applicant; Dow Hill Architects & Design, agent. Site Plan Amendment Application to convert first floor of existing structure to 2,040 SF Business Retail use and 1,160 SF Business Office/Service/ Contractor use. No change to the dwelling unit on the 2nd floor. Additional parking spaces proposed. The property is located off 1574 Post Road and is within the General Business and 75’ Shoreland Overlay District. Tax Map 135, Lot 1. Receive Site Plan Amendment Application and Workshop draft completeness