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Meeting Agenda
Monday, February 27, 2023, 7:00 PM
Littlefield Meeting Room, Town Hall
208 Sanford Road






February 6, 2023 draft meeting minutes






Seagull Condominium

Seagull Condominium Association, owner/applicant; John MacLeod, agent. Site Plan Amendment Application to remove a large tree from within the 25’ wide Lodging Facility buffer/ Route 1 setback and replace with smaller deciduous trees. No change in use proposed, the Lodging Facility consists of 47 housekeeping cottage units and 20 hotel/motel units. The property is located within the General Business and 250’ Shoreland Overlay District and is off 1413 Post Road. Tax Map 129, Lot 31. Workshop completeness, and workshop draft compliance/ Findings of Fact & Decisions if appropriate


Village by the Sea

Village by the Sea Owners Association, owner/applicant; Christopher Coppi of Coppi Environmental agent. Site Plan Amendment Application to remove invasive species within the 25’ wide landscaped buffer adjacent to property lines and some within the 75’ and 250’ Shoreland Overlay District. No change in use proposed, the property remains a 99 unit Motel with 1 dwelling (managers unit), function hall and accessory amenities. The property is located at 1373 Post Road and is within the General Business District and 75’ and 250’ Shoreland Overlay District. The property is identified as Tax Map 129, Lot 32A. Workshop Findings of Fact & Decisions for approval


The Timbers Subdivision (fka RT Property Holdings)

RT Property Holdings, LLC, owner; Patrick Johnson, applicant/ agent. Final Subdivision Application for a 2 lot/ 10 dwelling unit subdivision on 10.6 acres of land. Lot 1 to consist of one single family dwelling. Lot 2 to consist of four duplex (two-family dwellings) and one single family dwelling, open space and private roadway (Multifamily Development). The property is located within the Residential A District and is located off Sanford Road near the Bragdon Road intersection. Tax Map 55, portion of Lot 13-EXE and Lot 14-EXE. Workshop compliance and draft Findings of Fact & Decisions for possible approval


Burnt Mill Estates Subdivision (Eliminate Golf Course)

Burnt Mill Holding Company, LLC, owner; Sebago Technics, Inc., applicant/engineer. Final Subdivision Amendment Application to eliminate the 18-hole Golf Course and driving range (Low-Intensity Commercial Recreation use) and associated Clubhouse with 74 seat Restaurant, Event Barn, Kid Club, Fitness/Pool Center, restrooms, storm shelters, sheds and Maintenance buildings (Club use).  No change proposed to the 174 dwelling units on 362 acres of land. The property is located off Hobbs Farm Road, Storer Lane, James Street and Parsonage Way. The property is within the Rural and 75’ Shoreland Overlay Districts. Tax Map 62A, Lot 1. Workshop final completeness and consider scheduling another public hearing


A Retroactive Ordinance to Amend Chapter 145 (Land Use) of the Town Code to Cap the Number of Registered Marijuana Dispensaries Allowed in the Town of Wells to No More Than Three (3)

Workshop Ordinance and provided recommendations to the Select Board




Consider granting a 60 day extension:

  1. Chick Crossing Village
  2. Dells Downeast
  3. Sea Vu West
  4. Anchor Inn