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Volunteering for the Town of Wells

Volunteers are a vital and essential part of the Wells community. We currently have volunteers assisting on a number of Boards, Committees and Programs such as the Budget Committee; Planning Board; Harbor Advisory Committee; Maine Healthy Beaches Program; Piping Plover Program and much more! If you would like to volunteer for a day, evening, year round or seasonally, we have vacancies available. 

Become a volunteer with the Town of Wells today! Your abilities and your passion can make a big difference. Join your friends and neighbors to make Wells not only the friendliest Town but also the best town to live, work and play in Maine. If you have the time, we've got the place for you!

Online Volunteer Application: 

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Volunteer Application

Current Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Board of Assessment Review - 1 member vacancy; 1 alternate member vacancy
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee - 12 member vacancies
  • Harbor Advisory Committee - 1 member vacancy 
  • Recreation Commission - 2 alternate vacancies
  • Shellfish Conservation Committee- 3 member vacancies
  • Zoning Board of Appeals - 1 member vacancy; 1 associate vacancy

Programs - Ongoing Availability

Miscellaneous Openings

  • Cable TV-Studio Equipment Operator
  • Grant Reviewer
  • Public Awareness Assistant

Learn more about our boards and committees, please read their descriptions. To learn more about our additional volunteer opportunities, please read those descriptions.

  1. Maine Healthy Beaches
  2. Piping Plover Project

Maine Healthy Beaches Program was established to ensure that Maine's salt-water beaches remain safe and clean and safe. Volunteers help monitor the water quality n Wells beaches throughout the spring and summer months. If you like the beaches and don't mind getting into the water knee deep, the MHB may be right for you. Please call 207-361-8130 or email.

For more information of the Maine Health Beaches Project, visit Main Healthy Beaches.

Wells Reserve @ Laudholm Farms

2016 Piping Plover Study