Field Training Officer

Our Field Training Officers

As an integral component of our commitment to training, we have selected members of the Police Department to serve as Field Training Officers (FTO). These officers are:

  • Captain Kevin Chabot, Training Coordinator
  • Sergeant Adam Shaw, FTO Supervisor
  • Sergeant Chad Arrowsmith
  • Sergeant Timothy Cetrano
  • Sergeant William Jepson
  • Corporal Jeffrey Galasyn
  • Patrol Officer Brett Tishim
  • Patrol Officer Dylan McNally

Each Field Training Officer completes advanced training in how to initiate new recruits into police work. Several of our FTO’s are graduates of the National Institute of Ethics advanced field training program.

Shadowing Period

New recruits are assigned to shadow various FTO’s over a 12 week period. During this time, a broad array of law enforcement subjects are covered, to include:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Criminal and Motor Vehicle Law
  • Juvenile Law
  • Town of Wells policies, procedures, ordinances, and geography
  • Handling of specific incidents
  • Report writing
  • Ethical dilemmas


Recruits are required to complete written and practical examinations during their training and are scored daily on their appearance, attitude, judgment, and motivation. The field training experience culminates with a final examination and FTO evaluation.

The FTO program strives to ensure that new officers deliver the high level of service our citizens deserve