Patrol Division

Department Structure

As with any police agency, the Patrol Division is the backbone of the Wells Police Department. Operating under the command of the Patrol Captain, this division provides law enforcement services to the public, 24 hours a day.

The Patrol Division is comprised of uniformed Patrol Officers and supervised by either a Sergeant or Corporal. Officers work schedules of 4 10-hour days and the schedules are fixed. Each shift supervisor assigns Patrol Officers to monitor a geographic area of the town, referred to as zones. Patrol Officers are responsible for all calls for service occurring in their respective zone, as well as all traffic enforcement efforts in that zone for the shift.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Officers utilize the latest in equipment with all patrol units equipped with modern two way radios, traffic enforcement radars units, in-car mobile computers (MDTs), emergency medical equipment such as Automatic External Defibrillators, and other equipment as needed. During the busy summer months the department utilizes a contingent of Reserve Officers to assist with patrol coverage and assistance at special events.

Community Policing

The Wells Police Department is committed to the community policing philosophy. This style of policing incorporates residents, business owners, as well as the police to solve perceived problems in the community. As part of this effort, a Community Policing Advisory Board was established. This board meets 1 time per month to discuss important issues and to hear guest speaker presentations.