Message From The Chief

Community Policing

The Wells Police Department is a Community Policing-centered department and works closely with the people of Wells to try and identify and solve problems. The department utilizes a Community Policing Advisory Board consisting of representatives of various citizen groups, town-wide, to advise the Chief of Police and her staff and to help identify and solve community problems. This has proven very successful since its inception over the last 8 years and helps keep the department in touch with the concerns of a very busy and diverse community.

High Standards

The Police Department is known statewide as a very progressive department with high standards and a heavy commitment to ethics and training. Many of our officers are certified academy instructors and our department has some of the finest trained officers in the state. For over 10 years, the department has maintained an exceptionally high clearance rate for crime as measured by the Federal Uniformed Crime Report statistics put out yearly by the State of Maine. We will work to continue to earn this level of success and keep our busy and very special community safe.