The Hiring Process

Steps for Employment

The hiring process for a police officer involves several steps. Only qualified candidates are invited to participate in the process which may or may not occur in the following order:

  • Oral Board Interview - This is a structured interview administered by ranking officers of the Wells Police or neighboring departments as well as Human Resources staff. Questions are designed to assess the applicant's judgment, character, and knowledge of federal and state law.
  • Physical Agility Test - The Wells Police Department adopts the standards set forth by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Fitness standards can be viewed on their site.
  • Chief's Interview - This interview is conducted by the Chief of Police and members of the command staff.
  • Waiver of Personal Information - Prior to the background investigation, applicants must complete a waiver form which allows other agencies and employers to release personal information.
  • Background Investigation - The Criminal Investigation Division conducts background investigations. Each applicant is asked to complete a Personal History Statement and Integrity Questionnaire. Applicants are usually interviewed by the investigating Detective and the information they provide is corroborated.
  • Polygraph Examination - The background investigation and supporting documents serve as the basis for the polygraph examination. Any deceptive statements or information provided by the applicant are grounds for immediate dismissal from the remainder of the hiring process.
  • Psychological Examination - The psychological examination results in a personality profile and an assessment of the applicant's ability to handle the demands and stress of police work.
  • Physical Exam - The applicant will be given a standard physical examination by a licensed doctor of our choice.
  • Final Interview - This interview with the Chief concludes the hiring process. It is during this interview that job offers are made.

This process includes many steps and may span 4 to 8 weeks.