Crime Prevention

Home Burglary Prevention

A thief finds a new home every 11 seconds. Don't let your home be the next one. Because a thief needs ease of quick access and exit, without being seen, most house burglaries take place during the day between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.., when you and your neighbors are usually away. And although you can't completely burglar-proof your house, you can make it less attractive to those who want what you have inside.

Law enforcement often suggests that you think like a burglar to check out your own house and neighborhood for vulnerabilities. How would you break into your house?

Prevention Tips

  • Secure all of your windows. Insert a pole, nail or pin in the window track so it can't be opened from the outside, even if the glass is broken.
  • Install impact resistant glass on basement windows as they often provide easy access.
  • Install good quality, keyed deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.
  • Trim shrubbery to 3 feet and tree branches 6 feet from the ground, to eliminate easy hiding places.
  • Install lighting and / or motion detectors, especially near doors and little used areas.
  • Get a dog. Thieves are not dog-lovers!
  • Consider an alarm system, especially if you are frequently away for long periods.
  • In general, make your house look the same whether you are home or away. Thieves often study behavior patterns and look for clues that people are out such as piles of newspapers or mail or porch lights left on.
  • When away for a long period, alert your neighbors. Have the post office hold your mail or have it picked up by someone you trust.
  • Use automated timers on lights, televisions and radios.
  • Don't give your house keys to workers at your house.
  • Consider a safe for jewelry, cash, checkbooks and important documents.

Seasonal Resident Information

For those of you seasonal residents who wish to have patrol officers conduct periodic checks of your home over the winter, please download and complete the Vacant Property Information Form below and return it to the Wells Police Department in person or by mail.