Communication Division

Staffing & Call Routing

The Communications Division, is staffed by trained Public Safety Dispatchers 24 hours a day to ensure prompt and efficient service to the residents and visitors of Wells. Enhanced 9-1-1 services are provided by the York Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and then forwarded to Wells dispatchers along with a data feed with caller information. Information in the data feed enables the dispatcher to send first responders to a location even if the caller cannot speak or does not know his / her exact location. This will save valuable time in an emergency.

Wells dispatchers are certified as "certified terminal operators" by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy and also must certify in Emergency Telecommunications, Emergency Medical, and Fire Dispatching. These classes follow a strict program that allows our dispatchers to walk a patient through medical care such as CPR, childbirth, and other instructions for things such as chest pain or trauma incidents; these are state mandated certifications. Our dispatchers are required to undergo mandatory continuing education requirements and maintain a Maine EMS license.

The Wells Public Safety Communications center is run by the police department but dispatches to Wells and Ogunquit PD and Fire departments. We monitor and assist the lifeguards and public works as well. Our center creates over 40,000 "calls for service" a year and receives about 70,000 phone calls per year. Because of the seasonal flux, we use both full time and part time (reserve) dispatchers to fill the shifting seasonal demands and call volume; we have seven full time dispatchers on staff. 

Unlike other dispatch centers, when you call - you will always speak to a person and we value custom service above all else.

Routine business calls should be made to 207-646-9354. Our center director is Captain Kevin Chabot