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Please use our online database to check information regarding your property value

The Town of Wells has performed a town-wide property revaluation to establish an estimated market value for all residential, commercial, and industrial real estate within the town.  All owners of taxable real estate were recently mailed notifications of their assessed property values as of April 1, 2023. The information in this online assessment database reflects the latest assessments.

To view the Assessor’s Office information about your property and the assessed value, use the Enter Online Database link below to find your property by its Address (the property location) or by the Owner's Name. You can also use the database to view information about other properties in town, including searching for information on recent sales of properties. 


Department Responsibilities

The Assessing Office determines the valuation of all properties, real and personal, in the Town of Wells. 

All properties real and personal are assessed according to the status, condition, and ownership on April 1st of each year, in accordance with Maine State Law. Property is assumed to be taxable unless specifically identified as exempt under Maine State Law.

Property Assessments

In the spring of each year, every property in Wells is reviewed for changes. Those properties that have building permits or appear to have had work done on them are inspected. All campgrounds are visited to address new units or removed units. Even exempt properties, though not taxable, are maintained in the assessing records. Transfers of ownership by deed or by bill of sale for personal property are processed by the Assessing Office, as well as all taxpayer address changes.

Tax Maps

Tax maps are created and maintained by the Assessing Department through the Wells GIS program. Property data, including size and drawing of buildings, elements within buildings, age, condition and value of buildings, all detached structures such as garages, barns, gazebos, sheds, pools, etc, and size, shape, status, and value of the land is maintained by the Assessing Office and is updated on an on-going basis. The tax map database can be accessed here

Certified Ratio

Assessed values are directly compared to selling prices every year and must be registered with the state annually. The state registered and verified comparison is known as the Certified Ratio and is used to establish the valuation of the Town of Wells each year. It determines what the basis is for any state revenues we may receive and what our portion of the county taxes will be.

Tax Proration

The municipal government does not prorate taxes. The status, ownership, and condition of the property as of April 1st is the basis of a tax bill each year. Proration is done between the buyers and sellers of properties. 


The Town of Wells Assessor’s Office is here to serve the citizens of Wells by efficiently and fairly valuing all real estate and business personal property for ad valorem (at value) tax purposes. 

A reassessment is a program undertaken by a municipality to appraise all property according to its full, fair, and just value and spreading the tax burden equitably. An essential condition for equity in property tax systems is uniform assessments, which helps to ensure that tax liabilities and property values are directly related. 

During a reassessment, market values of all properties are reviewed and changes in the real estate market will help determine which property values need to be increased or decreased.

You can find information about the Town of Wells 2023 Revaluation here

You can find information regarding assessment, property tax, and market value for property owners here.  

The Assessor's Office Can Provide the Following Information:

AddressesProperty Tax Exemption Applications
DeedsStreet Numbers
Land Size and InformationStructure Information
Open Space, Tree Growth or Farm ApplicationsTax Information
Owners of RecordTax Maps
Parcel HistoryTransfer of Property Declarations
Property Tax CardsValuation of Property