New England Climate Adaption Project

Please visit this website to view more information on the New England Climate Adaption Project. An overview of the project is described as: 

"With a grant from the NERRS Science Collaborative, the New England Climate Adaptation Project (NECAP) collaborated with four at-risk coastal New England communities – Barnstable, MA, Cranston, RI, Dover, NH, and Wells, ME – to assess local climate change risks, identify key challenges and opportunities for adaptation, and test the use of role-play simulations as a means to educate the public about climate change threats and to help communities explore ways of decreasing their vulnerability and enhancing their resilience to climate change impacts. Learn more by viewing the full proposal and project timeline."

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  • Wells, Maine Assessment

    "Situated on the southern coast of Maine, Wells is home to a little less than 10,000 people. However, as a popular beach vacation spot, the population of the community triples during the summer and the fall. Wells is also home to an ecologically diverse estuary. In addition to facing climate change impacts associated with sea level rise, intensified storms, and heightened flooding, Wells will also have to confront potentially negative impacts on the fragile estuary and tourist economy."

  • Case Studies

    "These case studies help provide a snapshot of the climate change risks and adaptation opportunities for each location, particularly in illustrating public support for these kinds of efforts."

  • Public Pole Results

    "A comprehensive report on the results from the two public polls conducted for each site, including Wells, Maine."

New England Climate Adaption Project - Wells, Maine Risk Assessment by MIT

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