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Monday, October 1, 2018, 7:00 PM
Littlefield Meeting Room, Town Hall
208 Sanford Road




September 24, 2018 draft meeting minutes

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Great Lots of Maine Subdivision

Teresita Webber, owner; Great Lots of Maine, LLC, applicant. Corner Post Land Surveying, surveyor. Subdivision Pre-Application to create a 4 lot residential cluster development on 470,600 SF of land located off of Green Road. The property is located within the Rural Resource Protection and 250’ Shoreland Overlay Districts and is identified as Tax Map 16, Lot 8. Report Site Walk Results

Chick Crossing Subdivision

Eric & Sherida Roubo, owners/applicants. Kimball Survey & Design, Inc, agent. Request to Void Subdivision Approval of Map 82, Lot 6 which created a 5 lots for 6 dwelling unit major subdivision. One of the lots is approximately 27 acres for the existing dwelling unit and cellular tower already constructed/ approved. A private 50’ right of way with roadways and hammerheads were approved to serve as access and street frontage for 4 of the lots. The subdivision is located within the Rural, Aquifer Protection and 250’ Shoreland Overlay Districts and is located off of 469 Chick Crossing Road. Tax Map 82, Lot 6. Consider applicant/owners request and review Certificate to Render the Subdivision Null & Void

Branch Farm Road Subdivision

Robert P and Joan E. Vivan, owners; Seal Harbor, LLC, applicant; Attar Engineering Inc. agent. Preliminary Subdivision Application to amend the 1988 Taylor Property Development Subdivision plan by dividing lot 17-3 into two parcels: one 2.3 acres parcel for the existing farm house and one 9.21 acre parcel to construct 4 single family dwellings as a Multifamily Development. A 50’ wide private right-of-way to be constructed off of Branch Road. Parcel is Parcel is located off of 1285 Branch Road and is within the Rural District.  Tax Map 77, Lot 17-3 Workshop completeness and determine Preliminary Public Hearing

Kimball Subdivision

Deborah DeNuzzio, owner; Chelsea Kimball, applicant; Atlantic Survey Co, LLC, surveyor. Minor Subdivision application to construct a two-family (duplex) dwelling unit on a parcel of land divided within 5 years. The parcel is 2.76 acres in area and is located within the Residential A District. The parcel is located off of 33 Hiltons Lane and identified as Tax Map 17, Lot 11-C-1. Workshop completeness and determine if a public hearing is necessary, if hearing is waived, review final compliance and draft Findings of Fact & Decisions for possible approval

United Parcel Service (UPS)

BT-NEWYO, LLC, owner; UPS, applicant; Walsh Engineering Associates, Inc, agent. Site Plan Amendment Application seeking approval to add a 496 SF modular building for seasonal use to accommodate holiday delivery season deliveries. The application also seeks after the fact approval for an gravel storage area totaling 11,230 SF to be reduced to 9,992 SF.  The gravel area to be maintained to provided sufficient vehicular circulation around the proposed modular. No changes proposed to the existing 19,423 SF Truck Terminal and Business Service building.  The parcel is located off of 40 Tivoli Drive and is within the Light Industrial District. Tax Map 50, Lot 27-E.  Workshop completeness, compliance and draft Findings of Fact & Decisions for possible approval



SRC & CEO site plan approvals


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