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Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, September 22, 2020, 9:00 AM

Town Hall Meeting Room, Second Floor

208 Sanford Road, Wells




August 25, 2020 draft meeting minutes




Wells Public Safety Communications Tower

Town of Wells, owner; Civil Consultants, agent/ engineer. Site Plan Amendment application seeking approval to locate a 198’ tall communication tower adjacent to the Fire Substation. The tower is considered part of the approved Municipal Facility use and Radio Transmission Tower.  The property is located off of 585 North Berwick Road and is within the Rural, 250’ Shoreland Overlay and Resource Protection Districts.  Tax Map 40, Lot 9-EXE Comment on Site Plan Amendment Application for the Planning Board

Wells Gravel Pit Solar

Town of Wells, owner; Walden Solar Maine II, LLC, applicant; Dale Knapp, Boyle Associates, agent. Site Plan Application for a Public Utility Facility on 52 acres of land consisting of installing solar panels on concrete pads and inverters. The parcel is located within the Rural, Resource Protection and 250’ Shoreland Overlay Districts. The parcel is located off of Crediford Road and is identified as Tax Map 49, Lots 1-EXE, 2-EXE, and 7- EXE. Comment on Site Plan Application for the Planning Board

Finch Landing Subdivision

Patterson Companies, LLC owner/applicant; Corner Post Land Surveying, surveyor. Final Subdivision Application for a 13 lot/dwelling unit subdivision on 40.49 acres of land located off of a 50’ wide ROW off of 279 Butternut Trail. The property is located within the Rural, Resource Protection and 250’ Shoreland Overlay District. Tax Map 37, Lot 39. Comment on the Final Subdivision Application for the Planning Board