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Monday, January 8, 2018, 7:00 PM
Littlefield Meeting Room, Town Hall
208 Sanford Road




December 4, 2017 draft meeting minutes

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Seagull Condominium

Seagull Condominium Association, owner; Brady Frick Associates, agent. Site Plan Amendment Application seeking approval for tree cutting within the 75’ Shoreland Overlay zone of the property/ 25’ wide Lodging Facility landscaped buffer area. No change in use proposed to the existing non-conforming/ grandfathered Lodging Facility. The parcel is located off of 1413 Post Road and is within the General Business and 250’/ 75’ Shoreland Overlay Districts. Tax Map 129, Lot 31. Report results of the Site Walk

Parker Ridge Subdivision

Troy Parker, owner. Final Subdivision Amendment Application seeking approval to extend the reclamation deadline five more years from May 7, 2017 to May 7, 2022 as required as a condition of approval within the Findings of Fact & Decisions of the 2012 approval. No other changes proposed. The subdivision is located off of Perry Oliver Road and Quarry Road (506 Quarry Road) and is within the Rural District. Tax Map 37, Lot 6-3. Consider granting a 60 day extension

Grand Trail Place II

The Daniel Chase Family Real Estate Trust, owner; Walter Pelkey of BH2M, agent; Andrew Morrell, PE, engineer. Final Subdivision Application to further subdivide the remaining land (lot 4) of the Grand Trail Place Subdivision. The major subdivision proposes to create an additional 33 residential cluster lots/dwelling units for a total of 36 lots/dwellings. Grand Trail Drive, a private road right of way, is proposed to be extended north and connect to Branch Road. Open Space areas and remaining land proposed.  The parcel is located within the Residential A and Rural Districts. Tax Map 56, Lot 6. Receive Final Subdivision Application, workshop completeness, determine possible Final Public Hearing

Public Safety Facility

Town of Wells, owner/applicant; Stantec Consulting Services, Inc, agent. Site Plan Amendment Application seeking approval for a new 40,000 SF building and associated parking for a Municipal Facility use for the Wells Police and Fire Departments. The property is located off of 1563 Post Road and is within the General Business District. Tax Map 135, Lots 45-EXE, 46-EXE, 48-EXE, 49-EXE and 50-EXE Receive Site Plan Amendment Application, workshop Articles V, VI, VII and draft completeness, determine a possible Public Hearing if appropriate

Merrifield Farm Subdivision

Glenn Farrell, owner/applicant; Anderson/Livingston Engineers, Inc. agent. Subdivision Amendment Application to combine previously approved lots 4 and 5 into one 7.919 acre parcel. The lots are located off of 504 Hiltons Lane and are within the Rural District. Tax Map 11, Lots 23-4 and 23-5. Receive Subdivision Amendment Application, determine if a site walk is necessary, workshop completeness, and determine if a Public Hearing is necessary

Moody Beach RV Park

MHC Moody Beach LLC, owner/applicant; Acheron Engineering Services, agent. Site Plan Amendment application seeking approval to add 71 new sites (40 RV sites and 31 Park Model RV sites) for a total of 300 sites on the property. The property is an existing 229 site Tent and Recreational Vehicle Park. The amendment also seeks approval of a RV storage area, playground areas, a basketball court, accessory buildings, dumpster relocation, and parking relocation. The property is located off of 266 Post Road and is within the General Business and Rural Districts. Tax Map 19, Lot 8. Determine if another site walk is needed, consider a workshop of Articles V, VI, VII and draft completeness review, schedule a public hearing if appropriate

Dollar General

LSM Inc. c/o Harold Boucher, owner; Zaremba Program Development, LLC, applicant; Nobis Engineering, agent. Site Plan Application for a 7,512 SF Business Retail building and associated parking to be located on a 2.06 acre parcel to be divided off of Map 144, Lot 1. Property is currently identified as being located off of 2060 Post Road and is within the General Business District. Tax Map 144, Lot 1. Review compliance item for architectural requirement clarification

Sign Ordinance Changes

An Ordinance to Amend Chapters 145 (Land use) of the Code of the Town of Wells to Clarify Requirements Regarding Signs” Workshop proposed changes and continue



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