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Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, January 3, 2018, 9:00 AM

Town Hall Meeting Room, Second Floor

208 Sanford Road, Wells




October 24, 2017 draft meeting minutes




2118 Post Road Restaurant

Lydia Mather, applicant/ agent. Morency Capital Partners, owner. Site Plan Amendment Application to renovate the existing building and construct an addition. The use proposed is for an 80 seat Standard Restaurant. The property is located off of 2118 Post Road and is within the General Business District. Tax Map 147, Lot 2-A. Receive Site Plan Amendment Application and workshop Articles V, VI, VII and completeness

Grand Trail Place II

The Daniel Chase Family Real Estate Trust, owner; Walter Pelkey of BH2M, agent; Andrew Morrell, PE, engineer. Final Subdivision Application to further subdivide the remaining land (lot 4) of the Grand Trail Place Subdivision. The major subdivision proposes to create an additional 33 residential cluster lots/dwelling units for a total of 36 lots/dwellings. Grand Trail Drive, a private road right of way, is proposed to be extended north and connect to Branch Road. Open Space areas and remaining land proposed.  The parcel is located within the Residential A and Rural Districts. Tax Map 56, Lot 6. Comment on Subdivision Application for the Planning Board