Proposed Public Safety Facilities

proposed public safety building street view

For the past 5 years, our community leaders have studied the need for providing better public safety services:

  • In 2012, a Site Selection Committtee was formed to consider cost-effective public safety services options.
  • In 2014, Wells Voters approved land purchases to support a combined Fire and Police Station
  • In 2015, a Wells Public Safety Facilities Feasibility Report  was prepared
  • In 2016, Town leaders, department heads, and professional staff have worked to create a long-term solution.

​What's Next?

  • The June 2016 Town Meeting will include a request for Wells to approved a revised height limitation for all municipal and school buildings within the General Business District, to match the height of our existing Junior High School on Route One.  View the proposed ordinance changes here
  • Please join us we visit with community groups to present the findings and the proposed solutions. Times, dates and locations will be broadcast on Channel 3. 
  • November 2016 Town Meeting anticipated to include a request to approve the Bond to cover the cost of the proposed Public Safety Facility Project

Fire Station Facility Problems
  • Lack of work space around vehicles
  • Lack of staff living and support space
  • Lack of storage space for equipment
  • Lack of service space behind vehicles
  • Lack of OSHA clearances in front of vehicles

Police Station Facility Problems​
  • Lack of office space for private statements and interviews
  • Shared evidence storage and uni-sex locker room space
  • Lack of armory storage and equipment space
  • Lack of IT and secured space for records

Both Facilities also,
  • Do not meet current Federal and State standards;
  • are undersized and do not meet OSHA and Labor requirements;
  • do not meeting building code and can no longer support operational needs;
  • do not allow for handicap accessibility, and
  • do not provide adequate safe or secured parking. 
The Police Station was never designed as a public safety building and lacks most required spatial needs and standards. All existing Fire Stations (Central Station, High Pine Station, and Wells Branch Station) are undersized and cannot meet current regulatory standards for delivering fire services. The existing Central Station cannot support EMS services. 
The Solution and Plan