Boards & Committees Descriptions

Ordinance Review Committee
The Board of Selectmen established an Ordinance Review Committee at their meeting on July 15, 2008 and is seeking volunteers to serve on this committee. The committee will be made up of 7 members and will serve as an ad-hoc committee to the Board of Selectmen in reviewing Town ordinances.

Planning Board
This Board oversees planning for the Town's growth and development and is responsible for reviewing commercial projects over 2,500 square feet and subdivisions for compliance with Chapter 145 (Land Use) and Chapter 260 (Subdivision). Commitment - 2 Monday evenings per month and Saturday site walks when necessary.

Zoning Board of Appeals
This Board is responsible for hearing and deciding appeals made by aggrieved citizens against decisions made by the Code Enforcement Officer and Planning Board based on Chapter 145 (Land Use). Commitment - 2 Tuesday evenings per month as necessary.

Board of Assessment Review
This Board hears and decides appeals made by property owners on the Assessor's property valuation assessments. Commitment - Board meets when appeals are filed usually 2 to 3 times per year.

Budget Committee
This Committee is responsible for the review of the municipal budget as prepared by the Town Manager and makes recommendations to the Selectmen during the budget review process and to the Annual Town Meeting. Commitment - Meetings are held December through February.

Recreation Commission
This Commission oversees the Parks and Recreation Department policies and programs. Commitment - 1 Wednesday evening per month and some subcommittee work.

Wells Emergency Medical Services Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the policies and operation of the town's ambulance service. Commitment - 1 Tuesday evening per month.

Wells Energy Advisory Committee
This Committee is charged with advising the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen on energy programs, projects, and policies which through conservation and alternative energy use, work to achieving to reduce Wells' reliance of fossil fuel.

Regional Planning Commission
This is the council of governments of the cities and towns of York County and Southern Oxford County. Commitment - 1 meeting per month if elected to their Executive Committee.

Solid Waste / Recycling Committee
The Solid Waste / Recycling Committee has been working on changes at the Transfer Station facility. Work with the Recycling Committee on subcommittees and projects. Commitment - As much as desired.

Wells Harbor Park Concert Committee
This Committee produces and presents Saturday evening concerts at the Hope Hobbs Gazebo from the end of June to Labor Day weekend. Your involvement can be varied from publicity, planning and organizing the events to helping with parking or organization during the concerts.

Conservation Commission
This Conservation Commission advises the town on ways to conserve wildlife, open space, views, water and other resources. The commission provides education opportunities to local students and sometimes advises other town boards at public hearings. The commission's major long-term commitment is to help neighborhoods around town create a series of undeveloped parks, called wildlife commons, where townspeople can have access to public land for traditional, low-intensive outdoor recreation. Anyone interested in these activities is welcome to help at either a low or a higher level of involvement. Commitment - 1 meeting per month

Historic Preservation Committee
The purpose of this Committee is to protect, enhance and preserve buildings possessing particular historic, cultural or archaeological significance in order to promote the educational, cultural and economic welfare of the residents, property owners and visitors to Wells. Commitment - 1 morning per month.