Public Works

Department Structure

The Wells Public Works Department is made up of 3 divisions:

  • Beach Services
  • Street Maintenance
  • Transfer Station

Street Maintenance Division

This division consists of 10 employees, including the Assistant Road Commissioner. They are responsible for maintaining over 200 miles of roads in Wells. The crew is supplemented in winter by independent contractors for snow plowing.

Beach Services

This is seasonal from March to late October and includes a number of seasonal employees and volunteers for:

  • Beach Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Piping Plover Monitoring
  • Restroom Cleaning

Beach Stickers & Parking Lots

The Town operates 6 public parking lots in the beach area. Of those parking lots, 4 of them are paid parking during the season. Town taxpayers and / or residents can purchase beach stickers through the Tax Collectors Office at Town Hall. Sticker prices are set by the Board of Selectmen in February of each year.

The stickers are issued to the taxpayer or residents vehicle(s). Otherwise the town has a number of beach parking pricing options. Visit the Beach Parking Pass page for policies and to fill out a request form. The policy is updated in February for the upcoming season.