Combination Structure

Wells Fire Department is a combination fire department, meaning we have both full-time, career firefighters as well as paid, on-call firefighters.

Career Personnel

We operate three shifts. Each shift has one captain and two career firefighters assigned. The shift members work a 48/96 schedule. This means that they work 48 hour shift followed by 96 hours off. This rotates continuously throughout the year.

The career members of the Wells Fire Department are represented by the International Association of Firefighters Local# 4652.

Wayne Vetre, Fire Chief
Linda Rizzo, Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief
A Shift
  • James Moore, Captain
  • Marc Cuthbertson
  • David Tobeck

B Shift
  • Jeffery Cullen, Captain
  • Wayne Ham
  • Joshua Hart
C Shift
  • Jeff Nawfel, Captain
  • Thomas Signoretti
  • James Martin
Junior Firefighter Program
Wells Fire Department supports a Jr Firefighter program for students 16/17 years old.

  • Bradon Cox
  • Tom Crothers
Call Firefighters/ Personnel 
Wells Fire Department has approximately 20 active call members who respond to emergencies, maintain their training or attend other necessary requirements set by the department during the time away from their jobs and families. Each member is assigned to 1 of 2 sub-stations. Each sub-station is assigned a call officer. The department is always looking for new members.
  • Captain Roger Green - Branch Station
  • Captain Robert Froncko - Highpine Station
Call Firefighters
  • John Howarth
  • James Wheeler
  • Robert Spear
  • Scott Nolette
  • Jordan Bridges
  • Linda Dobson
  • Tim Wheeler
  • Marty Lautenschlager
  • Nathan Broughan
  • Guy Boulay
  • Stanley Kaszynski
  • Travis Brassard
  • Jackson Howard
  • Brian Donahue
  • Richard Clark
  • Mark Robinson
  • James Lamie
  • Luis Perez
  • Sebastian Pyburn
Become Part of Our Team
If anyone in the community is interested in helping, please call us or stop by for an application. We welcome all who have an interest in making a difference for the Town of Wells.