Boards, Commissions & Committees

  1. Board of Assessment Review

    Get information about the Board of Assessment Review including a list of its members.

  2. Board of Selectmen

    Discover the Board of Selectmen and review their meeting documents.

  3. Budget Review Committee

    Learn about the responsibilities of the Budget Review Committee.

  4. Comprehensive Plan Re-Write Committee

    Committee tasked with the review and workshop of the proposed Comprehensive Plan Re-Write. Re-Write process began in 2014 and the revised and accepted Comprehensive Plan should be finalized by 2016.

  5. Conservation Commission

    Read about the services and responsibilities of the Conservation Commission.

  6. Friends of the Library

    The Friends of the Wells Public Library group has been in existence since the library was built.

  7. Harbor Advisory Committee

  8. Library Board of Trustees

    The Library Board of Trustees serves as the governing body of the library for the public to whom the library belongs.

  9. Ordinance Review Committee

    Contact the Ordinance Review Committee.

  10. Personnel Advisory Board

    The Personnel Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the Human Resources Director and / or Town Manager in the establishment and administration of personnel policies.

  11. Planning Board

    The Planning Board participates in overall planning for the town and is involved in all proposed changes to the Land Use and Subdivision Ordinances.

  12. Recreation Commission Board

    See who serves on the Recreation Commission Board.

  13. Staff Review Committee

    The Staff Review Committee consists of representatives for the Road Commissioner, the Fire Chief, the Police Chief, the Code Enforcement Officer, and the Planning Director.

  14. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Find information about the Zoning Board of Appeals including meeting documents.